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Жителей Югры ожидает самая масштабная с 2013 года избирательная кампания в городских и сельских поселениях, а так же выборы губернатора Тюменской области. Информацию о подготовке к выборам озвучили на

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2.8. вскрытие стационарных ящиков для голосования, сортировка избирательных бюллетеней
2.8. Вскрытие стационарных ящиков для голосования, сортировка избирательных бюллетеней Перед вскрытием стационарных ящиков для голосования председатель УИК разъясняет присутствующим при подсчете

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Vitamin A - sources, value and benefits for the body

  1. Value and benefits to the body
  2. Sources of Vitamin A Retinol Carotene
  3. What products contain
  4. How to replenish the body with vitamin A

Vitamin A not in vain takes the first place in the “vitamin alphabet”. It is very important and takes part in all the basic functions of our body. Therefore, its importance for health is very great. There are many sources of vitamin A in nature, all products are very affordable, healthy and tasty. We will tell you about the benefits and what products contain vitamin A, and you choose what you like more.

The content of the article:

Value and benefits to the body

Of course, it is logical to start a conversation with the value of vitamin A for our health.

Without vitamin A, healthy skin epithelium is impossible. If you have “goose-skin”, which most often appears on elbows, thighs, knees, shins, if the skin on the heels gets exfoliated and the skin on your hands appears dry or other similar phenomena occur, this means that you lack vitamin A. This vitamin prevents you from desquamation of the internal mucous membranes of the blood vessels, bile and urinary tract.

Vitamin A protects us from the effects of contact with polluted air, during stresses and illnesses that drastically reduce the supply of this vitamin in the body.

How to get the most out of vitamin A? It is always necessary to observe the classical balance: carotene is 3 times more than retinol (actually vitamin A).

Vitamin A is especially necessary for the normal functioning of the gonads - the gonads. Its deficiency can cause a violation of the menstrual cycle in women and sterility (sterilization) in men. It is very important that vitamin A is attributed to the ability to increase resistance to cancer. At first glance, this seems incredible. But in the scientific world, this fact has been proven experimentally. Vitamin A can save not only people and animals from this plague of the XX century.

It is especially important for smokers to know about it, because with a lack of vitamin A, the risk of laryngeal cancer increases many times over. It is believed that "the tube is less harmful." But 200 years ago it was known that lip cancer is associated with smoking a pipe. And the risk of lung cancer for smokers is 25 times greater than for non-smokers. Smoking can also cause cancer of the throat, larynx, palate, bladder, pancreas. We must adopt a law: you can not smoke!

The thyroid gland controls the activity of a certain type of cells - T lymphocytes (besides them, there are lymphocytes A and B in the blood), and it also controls the immune system. The proper functioning of this gland determines the amount of vitamin A in the body and the level of magnesium. When there is little vitamin A and magnesium in the body, the thyroid gland loses its protective properties. And this may entail leukemia.

What is the value of vitamin A for our body? Many scientists and clinicians believe that a sufficient amount of foods rich in vitamin A in our diet helps to prevent not only cancer, but also vascular and heart diseases: hypertension, thrombophlebitis, skin and intestinal ulcers, as well as other diseases, since vitamin A refers to "Skin" vitamins. It is established that taking 150 mg of vitamin A at the beginning of an attack of hay fever can prevent an attack.

Our body receives vitamin A from products of animal and vegetable origin. Vitamin A itself is called retinol, but in the body of animals and humans, vitamin A is formed from carotene — the so-called provitamin A. The name “carotene” vitamin A was obtained from carrots, carrot.

Sources of Vitamin A Retinol Carotene

The main source of retinol (vitamin A) are: butter (unsalted), cream, egg yolk, fish liver, kidney, animal liver, dairy products. But an overabundance of animal products rich in vitamin A (retinol) can lead to cancer.

Sources of carotene (provitamin A) are apricots (fresh and dried), carrots, green vegetables, cabbage (all kinds), green plants, lettuce, potatoes, plums, all yellow fruits and vegetables.

It is best to consume 2 carrots (carrot variety) per day, pumpkin or sunflower seeds, broccoli.

How much trouble adolescents, adults and elderly men could have avoided if they knew how pumpkin seeds are needed in the body. The fact is that they contain a lot of useful substances - such as vitamins E, A, D, K, a large number of trace elements. If a teenager has acne, acne, oily dandruff on the scalp, advise him to eat pumpkin seeds, orange-colored fruits and vegetables, and then there will be no trace of dandruff and acne.

Separately, it must be said about fish oil. Until recently, it was believed that it is very useful, that it contains a lot of vitamins A and D. However, studies in recent years have shown that it was fish oil that contributed to the onset of oncological diseases.

In addition, you should always take into account that the vitamin activity of carotene is 3 times less than retinol. Since the products containing carotene are mainly products of plant origin - live, natural, natural, and not industrial, they must be eaten in their natural state and 3 times more than animal products rich in retinol.

What products contain

We now turn directly to the main sources of vitamin A.

The table below lists the products that contain vitamin A (in ME per 100 g of product)

Products Retinol Carotene Beef liver 15000 - Pork liver 5000 - Butter 2000 - Calf liver 4000 - Sour cream 700 - Cottage cheese (low-fat) 130 - Fat cottage cheese 800 - Herring 110 - Milk 90 - Carrots - 15000 Parsley greens - 13000 Sorrel, mountain ash - 10000 Spinach - 10000 Salad - 3200 Prunes - 2000 Pumpkin - 1600 Tomatoes - 850 Peas - 800 Chanterelle Mushrooms - 800 Peaches - 750 Apricots - 700 White Cabbage - 630 Green Beans in Pods - 450 Plum - 370 Blackberries - 300 Green Peas - 200

How to replenish the body with vitamin A

Acquainted with the content of vitamin A in various foods, we now understand that in summer it is necessary to harvest tomatoes, greens, cabbage, green peas, apricots, plums, prunes for the winter, and in the summer, naturally, use more fresh vegetables and fruits rich in carotene . Eating carrots, do not forget about the leaves: dry it, and in the winter brew tea and drink, and in the summer sprinkle it with salads with parsley, radish, young turnip, dill, cilantro, onion, sorrel, etc. You can dry the herbs and pour for 1 hour with vegetable oil; this oil can be filled with salads, vinaigrettes or sauces with potatoes, beans, peas, and grain dishes. This will save you from hemorrhoids, vascular, skin and many other diseases.

However, some vegetables are extremely rich in vitamin A, while others practically do not contain it. This fact has not yet found a scientific explanation. One can only put forward the assumption that, obviously, a combination of some ingredients that are not yet known to science is much more valuable for our body than individual ingredients.

You should also pay attention to the fact that green vegetables (green peas, beans, lentils, even cabbage) are rich in vitamin A, but as they ripen they lose it. In most plants rich in vitamin A, it is predominantly found in the leaves, whereas, for example, in turnips and carrots it accumulates in the part that never or very little sees the sunlight.

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How to get the most out of vitamin A?
What is the value of vitamin A for our body?