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Участковые избирательные комиссии начали подготовку к выборам в Югре
Жителей Югры ожидает самая масштабная с 2013 года избирательная кампания в городских и сельских поселениях, а так же выборы губернатора Тюменской области. Информацию о подготовке к выборам озвучили на

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Понятие избирательная система характерно, прежде всего, для демократического режима государственного устройства. В различных странах с таким режимом система выборов устроена, имеет различную структуру

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Процесс подсчета голосов избирателей регламентируется Федеральным законом «Об основных гарантиях избирательных прав и права на участие в референдуме граждан РФ» (статья 68). За нарушение правил подсчета

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Я - ИЗБИРАТЕЛЬ. Чтобы сделать из людей хороших граждан, им следует дать возможность проявлять свои права граждан и исполнять обязанности граждан. С. Смайлс, писатель. Я - будущий

2.8. вскрытие стационарных ящиков для голосования, сортировка избирательных бюллетеней
2.8. Вскрытие стационарных ящиков для голосования, сортировка избирательных бюллетеней Перед вскрытием стационарных ящиков для голосования председатель УИК разъясняет присутствующим при подсчете

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Избирательные цензы – это установленные законом условия, которым должен соответствовать гражданин, чтобы обладать избирательным правом. Избирательные цензы есть как для активного, так и для пассивного

Я - Избиратель
Я - ИЗБИРАТЕЛЬ. Чтобы сделать из людей хороших граждан, им следует дать возможность проявлять свои права граждан и исполнять обязанности граждан. С. Смайлс, писатель. Я - будущий

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Fry whole chicken. How to fry a chicken in a pan

  1. The standard recipe for cooking fried chicken in a pan
  2. How to fry a chicken in a pan - chicken in honey glaze
  3. How to fry chicken in the pan
  4. Chicken cooking time table
  5. Ingredients
  6. How to cook chicken in a pan with a crust
  7. Ingredients
  8. Frying whole chicken in a pan
  9. Ingredients

Chicken meat dishes are always welcome on any table, even if it is festive or everyday. Low-fat, tender meat has amazing taste, and therefore has won one of the main places in popular recipes. Chicken can be cooked as a quick lunch, and delicious dish for a dinner party.

Many best recipes chicken in the oven tells in detail how to bake a chicken deliciously, but you can also cook an appetizing and easy-to-cook dish in an ordinary frying pan - chicken fried in a frying pan.

Required Products:

  • Chicken or Chicken Fillet
  • Vegetable oil
  • Fine salt, seasoning, pepper
  • Cooking meat for roasting:

Before frying the chicken in the pan, choose the part of the chicken carcass that you would like to serve: chicken legs, fillets or whole chicken. If you need to cook flavored holiday dish then a whole chicken carcass is best for this purpose, if you want to cook a regular dinner - chicken fillet is much faster and easier to cook.

If you decide to fry the chicken in the pan, you first need to defrost it and rinse thoroughly inside and outside with cold water. Cut the carcass along the keel, cut the tendons on the wings and legs and beat them well, giving it a flat shape.

At the next stage we prepare the marinade to add flavor and additional flavor to the meat. To do this, mix the spices or ready-made seasoning for chicken, salt, pepper and carefully rub the chicken with this mixture. Leave for 20-50 minutes the meat soak marinade. The longer the chicken will marinate, the stronger will be the taste of the spices.

How to fry a chicken in a pan

Marinated chicken spread on a well-heated pan. It is advisable to use dishes with a thick or double bottom. Pre-fry grease vegetable oil . Starting to fry chicken, you must remember that in the process of cooking it produces a lot of fat and juice, so you should not pour it into the pan a large number of oils.

Fry the chicken on each side for about a quarter of an hour, occasionally lifting and moving it so that the meat does not stick to the bottom.

After the chicken is covered with a crisp golden crust, spread it on a round dish entirely or cut into portions. Decorate with fresh greens and serve to the table.

More quick way fry chicken in a pan - use chicken fillet . Cooking it takes about half an hour. Thawed meat cut into small pieces, rub with salt and spices and fry evenly from all sides. If, after roasting, add sour cream or kefir mixed with chopped garlic and seasonings to the pan and stew the fillets for another quarter of an hour, the dish will be very soft, delicate and fragrant.

When time is running out, and loved ones are about to appear on the threshold, when guests unexpectedly unexpectedly came out, and you need to hastily serve food to the table. When the choice of dishes - a fraction of a minute, then come to the rescue simple, however, very delicious recipes cooking chicken in a pan. After all juicy fillet or the mouth-watering wings, perhaps even a whole carcass, will certainly be in the fridge of any housewife.

The standard recipe for cooking fried chicken in a pan

If neither the ingredients nor the imagination allow you to “roam” in the kitchen, then pay attention to the traditional, literally minute, recipe for juicy fried chicken, which will require a minimum set of products (based on 4 servings):

  • Chicken (or any part of it) - 700 grams.
  • Vegetable oil - 70 milliliters (= 5 tablespoons).
  • Salt (iodized or cook) - 1 tsp.
  • Ground black pepper - 1 pinch (to taste).
  • A mixture of seasonings for chicken (if any) - half a teaspoon.
  • Garlic - 1 clove.

The recipe is simple enough:

  • First of all, you need to prepare chicken meat. If it is frozen, let it thaw, if it is chilled, proceed to treatment: thoroughly rinse under running water, blot with paper towel. Attention! Make sure that there is excess water out of the chicken, otherwise a large amount of splashing will occur during frying. Then you need to chop the carcass (if you work with whole chicken), cut into small pieces.
  • Now you should do the preparation of oil. It is necessary to warm it in the pan, and only after that - put the chicken. Remember! The first 5 minutes of roasting meat should be done on high heat. Thus, the golden and crisp will appear quickly, and the delicious juice will not leak out, will remain inside the chicken.
  • It is necessary to fry the pieces of meat for several minutes on each side. Do not forget to turn them over with a wooden spatula.
  • After that, you need to turn down the heat, cover the pan with a frying pan and leave the meat "to languish" for 10 minutes.
  • Then you need to add the seasonings, salt and pepper (to taste), cover the pan again and leave the chicken for another 7 minutes.
  • The final touch is to set the minimum fire mode on the stove, add a clove of garlic crushed or chopped finely, in parallel check the meat for readiness - pierce the pieces of meat with a knife tip. If a clear juice appears on their surface, this is a sure sign of the chicken's readiness.
  • Finally, you can add a few details - a favorite sauce, twigs of greens and a couple fresh vegetables . Voila! Fragrant chicken is ready for serving.

How to fry a chicken in a pan - chicken in honey glaze

This is one of the simplest, nevertheless, exquisite ways to please your near and dear ones. For cooking honey-coated chicken you will need:

  • chicken breast - 2 pcs .;
  • natural honey - 4 tsp;
  • soy sauce - 2 tbsp. spoons;
  • paprika - half tbsp;
  • garlic - 2-3 cloves (to taste);
  • vegetable oil - 70 ml. (= 5 tablespoons);

Preparation does not take too much time:

  • First you need to work with chicken meat : defrost (as needed), rinse, dry and chop finely.
  • Then you need to prepare the vegetable oil for the frying process: preheat in a frying pan, and only then put the chicken pieces.
  • The next step is roasting meat over high heat. Thus, the chicken will be juicy and crispy. Do not extinguish! Do not forget to turn the pieces of meat with a wooden spatula!
  • This is followed by the process of preparing the sauce - a mixture of honey, paprika, soy dressing and garlic. All the listed ingredients are mixed in a glass container.
  • Now you need to pour the mixture into the pan with slices of chicken, reduce heat and allow the liquid to evaporate. As soon as the chicken is covered with a honey crust, the griddle should be removed from the stove.
  • The final touch is serving dishes and serving. This is a matter of your imagination. You can add vegetables as a side dish, you can decorate the dish with greens.

You can add vegetables as a side dish, you can decorate the dish with greens

Remember that even everyday dinners will easily turn into refined meals if traditional dishes are served under the “new sauce”. And the unexpected arrival of guests can be a real holiday, warm, cozy, warm, and most importantly - delicious!

And the unexpected arrival of guests can be a real holiday, warm, cozy, warm, and most importantly - delicious

The main source of protein for our body is meat, and the most inexpensive, fast and easy-to-cook meat product is chicken.

But so that the poultry dish is in process heat treatment retained its benefit as much as possible, you need to master all the subtleties of the question of how to tasty and properly fry a chicken in a pan. And since in the culinary archives there are many dishes from different parts carcass, then in relation to each of them there are some rules with which we will read today!

How to fry chicken in the pan

In general, both small pieces of chicken, and separate parts of the carcass, and even a bird are roasted entirely using the same technology:

  • First you need to properly heat the pan with oil over high heat, and only then send the chicken into the container. It is not necessary to set the flame to maximum.
  • It is better to set the temperature to a quarter above the average so that we can roast the chicken over such a fire, on which the pieces will be covered with a thick ruddy crust, but not burnt. The resulting crust will keep the meat juice, so the dish will be juicy and tender.
  • At the first stage, it is not necessary to fry the chicken in the pan for too long, just enough for an excess of 5 minutes so that the chicken has time to brown on all sides.

At the first stage, it is not necessary to fry the chicken in the pan for too long, just enough for an excess of 5 minutes so that the chicken has time to brown on all sides

  • Next, reduce the cooking temperature to the second or third level (slightly less than the middle flame) and fry the chicken under the lid until ready for 10-20 minutes on the one hand and the same on the other.

Chicken cooking time table

How to grill chicken meat with gravy

Such a chicken is equally tasty in tomato and sour cream sauce . You can make such a dinner in a frying pan at home in just 20-25 minutes!


  • Chicken fillet - 0.3 kg;
  • Onion - 1 onion;
  • Carrot - 1 root vegetable;
  • Sour cream - 50 g;
  • White flour - 40 g;
  • Spice mix "For chicken" - 1 tsp;
  • Laurel - 1 sheet;
  • Salt - 1/3 tsp;
  • Sunflower oil - 5 tbsp. spoons;
  • Drinking water - 330 ml.

How to cook fried chicken in a pan

  1. Chicken breasts wash and dry with paper towel, then cut the meat into small slices.
  2. We clean the carrots and onions, wash them and crumble: onions - diced, carrots - grated.
  3. On the burner, turned on the middle fire, heat the pan and pour oil into it, and after 1-2 minutes, put the chicken pieces into the hot oil. Fry the chicken until the meat is white, about 3-4 minutes.
  4. Now we send onions and carrots to the tank, mix everything and continue roasting until the vegetables are half cooked, about 5 minutes.
  5. We spread sour cream to the meat, add all the seasonings, spices and salt, pour 1 glass of water and mix everything. Under the lid we boil gravy with meat for 10 minutes.
  6. In the remaining half glass of water we dilute the flour so that there are no lumps, and then in a thin stream through a sieve pour the mixture into the gravy. Again, stir everything and cook for 2-3 minutes until thick.

If you prefer a more liquid gravy, then flour can be taken for a smaller recipe. And for lovers of the classic tomato sauce sour cream can be replaced by 1-2 tablespoons of tomato paste.

How to cook chicken in a pan with a crust

How to cook chicken in a pan with a crust


  • - 1 kg + -
  • - 40 ml + -
  • - 50 g + -
  • - 3 cloves + -
  • - to taste + -
  • - 0.5 teaspoons + -

How to make boiled chicken in a pan

  1. Frying pan set to warm up on medium heat and pour oil into it. As soon as smoke begins to emit, we send finely chopped garlic to the roast for 2-3 minutes so that the vegetable gives its aroma to the oil, and then we extract everything garlic pieces from the pan.
  2. Now it is possible to spread boiled chicken into the container. There is no fundamental difference - the whole it will be chicken, chicken legs or fillet pieces. Fry the bird should be until ruddy and dense crust on each side.
  3. While the chicken is fried, melt in the microwave butter , and the received liquid we water a chicken in the course of cooking that it did not turn out dry.
  4. After 10-15 minutes, when the chicken is fried, we ginger, pepper it to taste and serve it to the table.

This step by step recipe How to quickly fry boiled chicken in a skillet is the best instruction for beginners. Believe me, this is very tasty, and in preparation of such a dish is very simple, so you can definitely make it with your own hands!

And if you want to get a delicate creamy fillet, then at the end of cooking, add 2-3 tablespoons of sour cream to the chicken, and extinguish the dish under a lid over low heat.

Frying whole chicken in a pan

You can learn how to cook chicken without a video with a photo; you just need to find an intelligent step-by-step recipe with detailed description process. With our culinary instructions, you can easily and deliciously fry both whole chicken and half chicken.

And if you are in a hurry and want to cook the dish faster, you can get a frozen carcass for cooking. But it is better, and it will be more correct, yet defreeze the bird beforehand in a gentle way: on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. So we will get very juicy chicken with tender, fragrant meat.


  • Chicken carcass - 1 piece;
  • Soy sauce - 150-200 ml;
  • Sunflower oil without aroma - 50 ml;
  • Garlic - ½ head;
  • Lemon - 1 fruit;
  • Ground paprika - 2 tsp;
  • Seasoning for chicken - 1 tbsp. spoon;
  • Black pepper - 1 tsp;
  • Dried oregano - 1/3 tsp;
  • Zira - ½ tsp;

How to fry a chicken in a skillet

  1. We wash the chicken carcass, dry it with napkins and cut it across the breast, then turn it upside down, press down so that it spreads across the board and, covering it with film, knock it lightly with a hammer so that the meat is soft and the flat shape is stable.
  2. We make small cuts on the breast and then rub the chicken on all sides with an aromatic mixture of pressed garlic, black pepper, paprika, oregano, jira and lemon juice.
  3. After that, we place the bird in a deep container and pour it with soy sauce; we do not use salt. After all, soy sauce is so salty.
  4. In this form, the chicken should settle 30-120 minutes.
  5. After a specified time, we put on the heating of the pan (high heat), pour oil into it and warm it. Now we put the chicken belly up in the pan and fry for 3-5 minutes, then turn the carcass over and fry for another 5 minutes without diminishing the heat.
  6. Next, pour the remains of the marinade into the container, make the flame smaller, and cook the chicken under the lid for 25 minutes.
  7. When the specified period has passed, we increase the fire again and fry the chicken again on both sides for 2-3 minutes.

How to make spicy chicken legs in a pan

In India chicken dishes occupy a leading niche in cooking, and who-who, but the Indians certainly know how to tasty fry chicken legs in a skillet! And this step by step recipe chicken legs in curry sauce, we borrowed from traditional Indian cuisine. They even in the photo always look appetizing, and in real life - just delicious!