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Laser Cutting Systems

Опубликовано: 16.05.2017

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Mitsubishi VZ10 Series 3D Laser Cutting Systems

Are you looking for the best or top http://blueandgreytoday.com/product-category/laser-cutting-machines/? Well you have come to the right place. This ultimate laser cutting guide will hopefully give you a ton of insight into laser engraving/ laser cutting systems and will give you tips on how to choose and get the best laser cutting system.

Here’s how the guide will be split up:

1.  What is laser cutting?

2.  What laser cutting equipment should you get?

3.  How to outsource your laser cutting

4.  What is the best cnc laser cutting machine?

First off, what is laser cutting?

Laser cutting is where you use a laser to cut, etch or engrave something. It is typically seen in the manufacturing industry, but have been seen used in other industries, such as the jewelry and trophy industries as well as a lot for vinyl cutting and laser cutting fabric.

The benefits over regular routing with a drill piece is that a laser will provide a high quality surface finish (due to no wear on the laser compared to the cutting edge of a drill piece). This is important with vinyl cutting. Lasers can also be used to make complicated shapes and can be used to laser cut/ etch things both large and small.

There are three main lasing materials which are CO2, Nd and Nd-YAG. Each has its own application:

CO2 – Used more for boring, cutting, etching and engraving

Nd – Used a lot for boring due to its high-energy pulses and low repetition speed

Nd-YAG – Used for boring, engraving and trimming and has higher energy pulses than Nd lasing.

What laser cutting equipment should you get?

Well that depends on your usage and budget parameters. There are three types of machines:

1. Moving Material systems – stationary cutting head (the material below moves instead)

Laser Cutting Systems speedhien modern high 2017